My work is mostly imaginative whether it be landscape or figurative, but does not exclude scenes and events inspired by my environment.

Composition and making the painting a statement is very important to my work, something left over from my previous career as a graphic Designer 

  Biography                                  Artists Statement

1955 - 1959


Kingston School of Art (now Kingston University)

Studied Graphic Design, also Stained Glass, Silk Screen Printing, Lithography and Photography.

Attained National Diploma of Design.

Started Painting.

Indicative Price Range   £150 - £2,000.

Made on a Mac

Those interested may see my work in my studio.

(Phone beforehand)

Worked in Advertising, specialising in Packaging

and Graphics.

Designed and made Toys and Decorative Furniture.

1962 - 1982

Thompsons Gallery, Suffolk.

RetNew, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton.

Exhibits at: